Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Favourite Booth at IDS - Binns and Siematic

I do love my IDS.  There is a vibe to it that sings a little.  It puts a jump in my step, gets me excited about design.  The little unexpected things are what I enjoy most, and there were a lot of them to find this year. Last year it was an unexpected chair that caught my eye, this year it wasn't a little thing, it was a big thing, it was a kitchen.  

Or more to the point, it was all of the little things that make this kitchen remarkable.  Co-Designed with Mick de Guilio, SieMatic's new Beaux Arts line was put into the very capable hands of Binns.  What a booth.   I shamelessly stole the top pick from their facebook page, I couldn't get one because the booth was constantly filled with people!

I'm thinking bamboo? Slick little aluminum dividers, aluminum lids for your cling wrap and foil too.

The fully polished doors on the pantry section were a knockout, everyone wanted to get a closer look at them. Glass shelves and white boxes framed out by these glossy dark panels.  

And the polish doesn't stop there.  Centered on the hood is a great stainless/polished combination for drawer fronts.

Attention to details.  Small rail and styles mitred around the panels with a fairly delicate piece of hardware.  I like the location of the hardware too, slightly above the 2/3rds line.  

DeGuilio has become somewhat famous for this backsplash.  You can see it in the top picture of the post, framing the cooktop.  But what you can't see is how effortlessly it slides with that little finger pull to conceal your oils and spices. 

Working side of the island, pay attention to these doors.  Not a piano finish, but a high-gloss none the less.  A simple little angle moulding around the panel contrasts with that gloss to blend the boundaries of contemporary and transitional design. 

Does SieMatic do wallpanels? If they don't they should steal this design idea directly from Binns and start producing it.  Might be a lot of flat edges to dust, but seriously, how lovely is this?

Don't forget about the appliances either.  All Miele, all gorgeous, and the Brilliant White double oven pops in these rich brown panels like no appliances I've seen in quite a while.

One last little detail to point out, polished panels on the seating side of the island bling like crazy. 

So bravo to IDS, bravo SieMatic, and bravo to Binns for taking a beautiful product and making it even better. This layout was great for the booth, and even better for IDS.  Amazing job, hands down my favourite booth.  

In a couple of days, I think I'll do a little photo dump of a few more pictures from the show as well, more to see, more to know about! Talk to you soon.


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