Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Authentic Eats at Pantheon Restaurant

As you can tell from the Patrons staring at me, this place provide's a fairly authentic
The Greeks know how to do it right.  I feel like whenever I eat a proper greek meal, whether I make it at home, or go out to a restaurant, I can't help but enjoy the food.  That isn't to say it is always made right, I wouldn't exactly call Mr.Greek the most authentic Greek meal I've ever had (I'm not slamming it, I've eaten there), but when it's done well, its a fantastic meal.

At Pantheon on the Danforth, fantastic is exactly what you'll find.  My wife heard about Pantheon from her friend Nick, and before you ask, yes, Nick is Greek.  Nick, who hails from Kalamata,  told her it was as authentic as you can get in the city.  Being purveyors of fine olives and salty feta, we had to try it.   

Like an unexpected thrill at the movies, I didn't go in expecting that much from this meal, so I didn't grab as many pics as I should have.  Forgive me for that.  I do have a couple of great stories for you though.  

Our server was fantastic.  I have a feeling that our server was Nick Paroussis, one of the owners of the restaurant, though I could be wrong about that. This may be a reflection on why our service was top notch, but seeing the way the other patrons were so happily served I think this may be the norm.

After our drinks, our meals were ordered. Under five minutes later we were asked if our salads were brought to us.  We said no, they hadn't been, and were then apologized to. Our salads were out 30 seconds later with an appetizer we hadn't ordered to make up for the wait.

Let me get this straight for you.  Five. Minutes. Free. Appetizer. 

It was three dips. all delicious, especially the spicy creamed feta(?) dip.

Our meals were ontime, deliciously aromatic, we couldn't wait to dig in. My wife ordered the chicken souvlaki, my mother (who came into town for a visit) ordered the Orange Roughy and I ordered a suggestion. I asked for a fish reccomendation and was told "no problem, I'll give you fish." I had no idea what to expect, our server walked away before I could ask! Ha!

Melanie's souvlaki was delicious (I might have stolen a bite), salty, a proper amount of seasoning and oregano. My mother's Orange roughy was tender and sweet. (I might have stolen a bite of this as well)  And the obligatory greek potatoes that no one can say no to.

My meal came and I had no idea what to expect.  Happily for me it was a pan fried full fish (I think Porgy).  I think the surprise meal only added to the experience.   It was soft, and tender, but with a nice texture. Not over cooked,  seasoned very well and come on, even the finished picture looks interesting.  

Dessert was completely unexpected. We didn't order anything, but a well soaked dessert cake ended up on our table and was subsequesntly devoured by all three of us.

The Danforth has a million restaurants. There are quite a few good ones, and quite a few bad ones.  Pantheon stands at the top with any of the best. It's not flashy, its not glitzy, but its's authentic, well cared for, friendly and the food is awesome.  

You know it's authentic, it says so right on the sign.


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