Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Soooo many Jobs - The Keri Inspired Edition

 As the title states, this is a Keri inspired post.  Maybe you've noticed, she's been posting some amazing jobs lately.  So of course, I want to share with you too!  Today I'm showing you a smattering of jobs from all over the GTA. Some are almost complete, some are complete (though not pro photo ready) and some are in earlier stages.  But all are getting to where they need to be, and that is finished, beautiful  and liveable.

Remember this job? I showed it to you earlier, though I left this space out. This is the wine room around the corner from that beautiful kitchen.  As you can see from the first pic, its a really simple layout.  This hall connects from the kitchen to the dining room.  Off the hall is the Butler's kitchen, the elevator and, you guessed it, the wine room.
It's completely open to the hall and the room is only about 50" deep.  Despite the darkness of the cabinetry (walnut with walnut burl inserts) the shallowness of the room, proper lighting, and the large glass doors on the wine fridges keep it from feeling too heavy.

This great room fireplace is a stunner.  Huge piece, ceiling is over 20' up.  I have to get a better shot of this space.

 These shots are from a recently completed job in the Unionville area.  Cute little kitchen with a couple of great elements.  I love the way this swooped hood turned out, it was a challenge designing. Tough to fit it over a 48" Range when we were dealing with an 8' ceiling and keep the proportions looking great.

Cool panorama from the inside of the kitchen, gives you an interesting view of the space.  

And the paper.  How great is this paper?

This is a cute little job on the west end we're just finishing up.   Everything is installed, just needs a few acc's to bring it all to life.

A little more on the complete side, this is one I posted previously in an earlier stage. Now we're just waiting for the stools and a sweet new dining table with a polished nickel base, before we take proper photos.


Last, but certainly note least, a few shots from my job in North York.  This house is coming along beautifully.  I will have a full post when we're complete here, or maybe multiple posts, but until then, these will have to do.  Govanna Marble in the Master Shower, Calacatta in the Kids Shower, white built ins, dark built ins, and that fireplace is going to look so amazing!



  1. Fabulous work Bill. Your design skills continue to amaze me. I really like the silver hardware in the white kitchen.

  2. Thank-you, thank-you...., which one were you talking about?! haha!


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