Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Men's Fall Fashion 2012

Earlier in the year I posted on summer men's wear. With  fall just around the corner, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to share some autumn flavoured thoughts.

It was hard to think about some new, cooler additions to my wardrobe with this summer seemingly going on forever,  but the weather turned this week (at least here in Toronto) and now I'm in the mood.  

This is the best time of year to dress after all! Not to hot, not to cold. Dress comfortably.

The most versatile piece of men's fall clothing (and you've already got a few) is the cardigan. Two great examples here, dressed up and dressed down.  The cardigan is your chameleon.  Rock it over a t-shirt with old jeans, or under a summer suit jacket to keep you warm in the cool fall air.

This is oozing style. I love the heavy sweater over the shirt and tie.  Very neat, very tidy but very fun and on trend.  Once in a while, put the jacket away, grab something chunky with personality.

These two fun looks are brilliant,  though very different from each other.  I love the oversized bow tie and splash of colour in the trouser (though all a muted palette).  The image on the right is one of my favs that I've stumbled upon in a while.  The formality of the fresh white button up with no tie contrasts nicely with the warm leather belt and navy pants.

With crisp fall winds come cold necks, and an interesting scarf is the way to keep warm.  This isn't a heavy piece.  It should be light, it should be long, and it should add some flair without looking too contrived. 

A peacoat three ways?  Absolutely!  Super cool and casual (seriously, look at that image, it bleeds cool).

And the new staple, something neon.  We saw it at the Joe Fresh show in the spring, be prepared for it to be everywhere this fall going into winter.

 Maybe this is one is straddling fall and winter a little, but how do you not want to have style like this?  

Whatever your personal style, stick with classic basics paired with trendy punches.  This post feels like a part one to me, so much more to show you from shoes to boots and ties to v-necks. Till next time!



  1. Hi! Who makes the Blue-Grey motif scarf? I've been looking all over for something similar or like that.

  2. Sadly, I have as well Goon. I pulled this one off Pinterest, so unfortunately, no source for you!


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