Monday, June 25, 2012

Warm Up to the Long Weekend.

Admittedly, not my picture, stolen from a website that stole it from someone else. 

Good Monday Morning Toronto, one week before a long weekend.  And the Canada Day long weekend, even better!  I'm in a good position this week, 4 day work week (I gave myself the day off on Friday), which means 4 Day weekend!

 This past weekend, I participated in a very, very, Ontario event.  I went to the cottage.  I imagine many of you will be doing the same thing this coming weekend.  I don't have  many photos though,  and in a way, that's kind of nice. I forgot I had my iphone (on purpose). No emails or phone calls, so all of these below are from Sunday morning on the way back.

I really loved the play with lines in this picture.  The straightness of the building and its roof line lines with the angles of the parking, it makes the "Angle Parking" signs look hilarious. 

The infamous drive south nearing Barrie

And what could be the funniest thing I saw all weekend, did you really need to purchase the bike rack?

Are you getting away this long weekend at all?

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